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Junior Torso Strike Wall Pad

No gym is complete until you set up an RDX Torso Strike Wall Pad. It is a new take on the old Wall Pad, redesigned for hooks, jabs, uppercuts, knees strikes and body kicking. It is a great partner for sparring techniques or target training and the Torso structure system is designed specifically to withstand MMA workouts and provide even more realistic training. The Torso Strike Wall Pad is constructed of Maya hide leather with extra thick high shock absorbent Gel integrated padding. Its heavy duty gym-quality frame is made from welded 16 gauge powder coated steel and treated with special red oxide anti-rust formulation. It is an original design for punching, kicking and kneeing drills and has a unique shape which simulates an opponent's body structure in relation to angles of attack. The proper anatomical dimensions allow athletes to easily accomplish repetitive drills. The lifelike shape of this training Pad enables you to practice and perfect your submissions and strikes. Easy assembly and installation. Comes with all necessary wall fixings and also free bag gloves.



  • RDX Pad redesigned for sparring techniques or target training
  • Made of high-quality Maya hide leather
  • Extra thick high shock absorbent Gel integrated padding
  • Gym-quality frame made from 16 gauge powder coated steel.

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