RDX Leather Weighted Skipping Speed Jump Rope

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RDX Leather Weighted Skipping Speed Jump Rope w sklepie

Raise your fitness game with our weighted 9ft skipping rope. Designed for boxing training, crossfit, speed training and more. Changeable weights in the handles means that you can create a customised workout and made from super tough cowhide leather, this rope is built to withstand every kind of punishment. Additionally, the 90 degree perpendicular swivel ensures anti-traction skipping plus the wood designed handles offer a superior grip for the most effective training sessions. Made from 100% cowhide leather for a jumping rope that boasts lasting performance   90 degree perpendicular dynamic swivel design for no-traction jumps  Woody Grip™ wood based handles for unbeatable non-slip hold Adjustable weights in the handles for customised training  Measuring 9ft in size for the most efficient training and workouts .

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