RDX Inner Gloves Hand wraps Training Gloves

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Kod produktu: RDX BLACK WRAPS

RDX Inner Gloves Hand wraps Training Gloves w sklepie

Bandaż bokserski - WKŁADKA .

Materia: Bawełna, poliester

Sleek, stylish, supportive inner gloves ideal for MMA, boxing and all contact sports. A great alternative to hand wraps, this high tech glove protects against impact and helps to prevent hand injuries. These protective inner gloves feature a special elastic for comfort and performance, a half-finger design for enhanced grip, plus extended thumb and wrist coverage for the ultimate reinforcement when working out. Easy to get on and off, and completely machine washable. With 3 colours to choose from and 4 sizes available.  Built using a woven carbon fibre fabric for max strength and resilience  Ayz-F™ elastic for unbeatable security and support for bones Half-finger cut DESIGNE.

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