Kimono do BJJ Atama ULTRA LIGHT Czarne dla kobiet

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Kimono do BJJ Atama ULTRA LIGHT Czarne dla kobiet w sklepie

The Ultra Light Kimono is the ultimate tool for the serious competition athlete. It was designed after exhaustive testing to find the perfect balance between lightness and strength. Tested and approved by the entire Atama Team.

Made of ultra light weave fabric. The pants and collar are made of military Rip-Stop fabric. No seam on the back of the jacket and reinforcements on all stress points.

The Ultra Light Series was developed for maximum comfort, lightness and allowing the fabric to dry quicker, but make no mistake, the Ultra Light Kimono is super strong like most regular gi's. 

This gi is great for training on hot days and competitions, on most BJJ organizations you must weigh-in with the gi on, which makes the New Light a great choice for those who need to make weight on tournaments. The Ultra Light Kimono weights 1.2 Kg (F2 size), making it simply the lightest BJJ Gi in the world. 

F1 - From 1.49 to 1.52 m | 38-45 kg
F2 - From 1.52 to 1.64 m | 45-54 kg
F3 - From 1.61 to 1.70 m | 52-65 kg
F4 - From 1.67 to 1.79 m | 63-77 kg
F5 - From 1.76 to 1.82 m | 77-90 kg

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