Authentic RDX White Chin Pull Up Bar Plus Wall Mounted Chinning Station

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The RDX commercial grade construction Chin-up Bar bears the intelligent, durable hallmarks of all of our products and comes with lifetime warranty. The Bar itself is a solid fixture, therefore there is no movement, and it can take any weight up to 300kg. It is important to ensure that your wall can support this weight. Foam padding on the bar provides comfort and a solid grip during even your most intense workouts. The Bar measures 1¼ inches in diameter and is comfortable for all size hands. Includes a pre-drilled hole in the bottom panel for suspension training kits. It extends 48cm out from the wall to provide plenty of room for kipping for even the biggest people. It is coated in a textured matte white powder coat, looks tough and resists abuse. The RDX Chin-up Bar has been electroplated prior to powder coating which makes the bar 100% corrosion resistant enabling it to be installed outside and withstand the elements. Our Chin Bars have been over-engineered, allowing you to place your trust in them. Easy assembly and installation. Comes with all necessary wall fixings.



  • Bar measurements: Width 120cm
  • Length 48cm
  • Height 23cm and Weight 7.8kg
  • It extends 48cm out from the wall to povide plenty of room
  • RDX Chin-up Bar can be installed outside

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