RDX Neoprene Power Fighter Grappling Gloves

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Awesome power at the touch of a feather. These ultra-lightweight RDX® Power Fighter grappling gloves are designed to support and train your hands without weighing you down. Giving you unstoppable command and movement in the cage or ring. Built with a high tolerance for punishment, these MMA training gloves will not let you down. Neoprene material compresses your hand and improves circulation, a gel lining diffuses all manners of shots, temperature regulation and breathability ensures comfort, and the Velcro strap gives you solid wrist support. A top choice of MMA gloves for pro fighters in the making. .  Made from a high performance neoprene fabric to support the hand and retain heat NEO-I™ to promote blood flow preventing hand cramps and injury Shell Shock GEL™ layer absorbs shock from the intense blows of mixed martial arts training CoolX™ Technology provides ventilation and regulates body temperature Quick-EZ™ Velcro closure with long strap to provide wrist support and give adjustable comfort  - See more at: http://rdxsports.com/rdx-neoprene-power-fighter-grappling-gloves#sthash.6QMQDNwm.dpuf

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14 kwietnia 2014

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